R y a n L a V e r g n e Real Estate

Ryan LaVergnes 30 Day Marketing Plan


The objective of myself and my company are:

  1. To get you property fully exposed to the market as quickly as possible.
  2. To help you, the seller, to net the most money possible
  3. To make every qualified buyer in the market aware of your property.
  4. To maintain good communication with you, the seller.

1. In depth consultation with the Seller (Marketing Plan)

2. Fill out paperwork accurately

3. Install “For Sale” sign

4. Install “Lock Box”

5. Submit to Multiple Listing Service(MLS)

6. Install “flyer box”

7. Submit magazine ad

8. Submit a listing in Craigs list

9. Design custom property brochure

10. Schedule Multiple Listing Service tour

11. Schedule my office caravan

12. Submit to Facebook business page, Ryan LaVegrne Real Estate


13. Discuss sales associates comments

14. Ask seller to save all business cards

15. Review client-showing procedure

16. Pass out brochures at Multiple Listing Service meeting at office


17. Pick up business cards

18. Call agents

19. Discuss buyers comments

20. Review financing possibilities


21. Pick up business cards

22. Call agents

23. Discuss buyer comments and activity

24. Discuss Market Evaluation sales and competition

25. Discuss price, terms and condition

26. Review Seller’s motivation and urgency to sell

27. Discuss market position and price adjustment

28. Order structural inspection

29. Order appraisal

30. Discuss and schedule Open House